Ralph Lauren US Open Tennis horrible crime and protecting someone
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Childhood friend says opponent shot teens Jeffrey moore, the defendant's years as a child friend, testified craig fired into the orange car carrying three teenagers the night time of may 29, 1999 and then terrorized him into helping him eliminate the gun used in the shooting. "Occurred very quick, assumed moore, conveying the shooting for the jury. "The man[craig] wandered in a half moon shape, moving in the front of the car from the passenger side to the driver's side between the two, Moore said after the shooting craig threw the rifle on the floor by his feet and they drove out of the area without any lights on at maximum speed.Moore said they drove to trlr where luke morris's father lived, where he waited outside of.He suspected craig went there to destroy the weapon then place the various parts in garbage bags. "I was ordered to get yourself a garbage bag and throw it, moore talked about. "Brandon told me i was putting a bag, so if one person went down everybody was going down, Defense attorney pamela mackey suggested on cross checking that moore caved to police pressure to talk, and that any details he had the actual crime were fed to him during repeated police interrogations. Craig has pleaded not guilty to all charges and maintains the state's star witnesses are lying to escape their own legal issues. Wong, in session senior field machine This is among the first cases i have watched that i am really unsure of the quilt or innocence of the defendant, and i am glad i'm not on this jury.First the witnesses' who were first at the scene and gave some of two different vehicles:An suv and a buy.The very first person to the picture said his wife saw a pickup and an suv and he saw an suv.In her 911 call i believe she states you'll find three vehicles, including the victims.Web brandon was in a pickup that night;So who then was in the suv that quite a few saw?There was that first officer see Ralph Lauren Australia the scene who did see a dark pickup coming toward him with the lights off.Why he didn't do it is beyond me;It also does put a pickup there.Then you have the witness today who was jocelyn schneider's roommate and best friend.She said that she knew all of jocelyn's friends and she didn't meet brandon until in the future that year.Also the witness who testified that he released brandon to jocelyn and it was after this murder.Granted it does sound like universally were very very heavy into drugs and drinking;So who knows what the reality really is to them at this time.There is also the fact that through history it has been determined that when more then one person is involved in a crime usually they start rolling over on each other.I know have to much doubt to say he is guilty. I accept as true with you, ken.I viewed, on Ralph Lauren Cheap Australia end of the show, when jack ford was talking to one of the victims mother,(Her son owned your suv)That she said her son had gotten damage to the car two weeks prior to the murders.I certainly hope that the criminal justice brings it up later.At least into their summation.I had a new doubt in the accounts, when the damage to the car was introduced, until i heard mom explain the damage.Considerably, i confident the jury did too.And they can see or hear anything talked about not in the courtroom. Well the criminal justice did bring up that the car had been wrecked three times in the past six months.I think may well be more to come.I so trust sheila here.Kathy you seem to not be checking out the entire picture.The defense is grasping right now these people they are bringing forward are not any more credible apart from the first witness and i don think she helped the defense today.Also do you people have any clue what type person brandon is?No angel.Just perform some research and you will find.Leading a double life here and then in pa.Long criminal background.Problems military. Brandon craig is accountable.Sure about it.I agree with people think:Need to, why would 3 witnesses make up a story whole cloth to point the finger at an simple man?Doesn't occur.Does not sound right.Just happen is:Teenagers sipping on and taking drugs, then watching a terrible event, then do more drugs to cope recollection get foggy.If all had memories of case, then i be worried about them.I hope the jury uses a wise practice, as they are going to admonished by the judge, and finally convict the person who shot those kids. I reckon jeffrey moore and all the star witnessess, they may have had issues over the past with drugs and lies, but i also believe everyone grows up ultimately too and were probablly sick of carrying around this Ralph Lauren US Open Tennis horrible crime and protecting someone who truly does not deserve to be protected.These witnessess are not enemies of brandon craig but siblings, an ex-Girlfriend and a long time best friend, it just seems that they would frequently not lie and say he did it if in fact he did not.Imo I only desire to know what happened to the days when freedom was earned and not bought!The focus of the case and the horrible crime that occured has kinda converted into what a good defense lawyer pamela mackey is. Like i said freedom are to be earned and not bought.Time period of time. I am better sure they would remember a night where someone they know killed 3 teens!Thats not exactly something which slips your mind.I believe that it is very obvious that craig is guilty.The 3 witnesses are no longer friends and the fact they all pointed ot him makes it very clear.I feel the witnesses are shady, and they should have come forward sooner.But you they would have been in big trouble if they came forward when all http://www.cooeenet.com.au/ this happened. Lets just let to be honest reveal itself get justice for these adorable young boys. Believing any of these witnesses on any day of the week would be hard.So i would not and don't fall for them now.If craig is guilty then they have their own self to blame for being too scared to come forward 10 years ago and be truthful.So weather i wrong or right i really don know, but i can see sending a man to jail for years on the account of three of which were on drugs this faithful night and then coming forward ten years later saying he did it, he achieved it.And who ever gave them the opportunity to come forward and have their sentences reduced if they would talk then shame on them.Any criminal want to have this deal.And as we have observed, the crooks took the deal.So as i at this time stated, how actually easy of them being believed?Next! Really i believe that now has been said in this trial, with the testimonies.Even the unclear information, it is particularly easy, guilt ridden!No abe delayed, additional three are conspiring against poor bc!That just doesn comprehend.They tried all these the years to cover a butts, like killers bc.Bc is the wacked out intimidator who scared his friends by his own cold blooded actions into believing make use of them get theirs if they ratted him out.Even coming forward today possible scares them. I am so perplexed by something.These 3 say these were terrified and fearful for their lives if they came forward.The key reason so how come now?They had to know that if they had come forward 10 years ago that bc would been charged back then.Then their tales would be more believable.They for every person testify against him now.What massive cost does it make if they testify now or had testified against him 10 years ago.Who do we believe and why isn't we?If bc is charged, i believe that all that were involved should be convicted as well.Therefore, i am without doubt if bc is convicted, the 3 will take advantage of the reward money.Thats shame.The monies in order to be given to the victim families. I can realise why the three came forward now instead of when it happened.If you were living in a drug induced world it would be more tolerable to let it go then if you were not.Don love to cause any waves, needs their drugs which enable you to mess this up so keep quiet.When the killing sets out to haunt them, merely do more drugs to cope.Life happens in the drug induced world and things are kept quiet.That is until its a pointer to pull the trump card.Which is so how it happened in this case.It looks like brandon is guilty as sin.He sits there so smug being concerned he won be conficted.Shocked, this particular he is. It is easy to sit and judge while you're watching tv and hearing all facts either pertinent or not.I had to miserable duty to sit on a jury for a young man who was convicted for murdering his girlfriend.Six years and long time later, the verdict was overturned due to not enough crime scene evidence and dna.I now live every day believing that i had condemned that young man to the rest of his life in jail and althogh justice was finally brought forth;Still it bothers me what i had actually done to him.

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